Pixie crypto game

pixie crypto game

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NFT technology ensures that Pixie users obtain ownership of their digital content.

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Pixie platform is the ability to stake PIX. From each game, 6% automatically goes to the staking pool, which is used to pay out PIX staking interest to. Pixie is a Web3-based Video and AIGC Image Sharing Social Network. You will be able to do the following in Pixie, 1. Create AI Art through the Pixie. Pixie is the world's first fully-functional decentralized photo and video sharing social network based on blockchain cryptoeconomics. Pixie rewards social.
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Pixie uses the value of social interactions likes, reposts received within 7 days after the digital content NFT is published as the reference value for the NFT. Grab one of 25 Golden Pixies before someone else! Pixies are non-fungible tokens generated by GAN algorithm based on Cardano blockchain.